Grecolaborativo is a full-family collaboration, a couple creating textile art, costumes, installations, video, conceptual art, and social practice art with their young daughter and son, both now in their teenage years. We are very involved in the field of education — unschooling at home (one example) and through Rob's work in schools, most recently a progressive middle school program.

Our plush art and costumes, created under the name Lizette Greco, are based on children's drawings and are made using mostly thrifted and recycled materials. For some additional information about our life in art, see our full profile. A more detailed explanation of how we work together on plush art can be found with the squids. See also two of our ongoing projects that involve conversation and collaboration with the public: One and Only and Californias.

We recently completed a yearlong road trip around the contiguous United States and we are now in the process of resettling on the West Coast to focus on a variety of projects. You can contact through email at robertogreco [at] and info [at], and you can keep track of us with the following links: [plush art and costume photos] [Rob's scrapbook and writing] [photos from our adventures, see also Instagram] [some occasional videos] [Lizette's scrapbook and thoughts] [our old and outdated plush art gallery] [Rob's shared bookmarks] [Rob's shorter thoughts] [Rob's online reading] [Rob's eighth grade blog: archived] [Rob's seventh grade blog: archived] [Rob's sixth grade blog: archived]