My primary interests are learning, art, design, technology, and society. I pursue them through Grecolaborativo and unschooling with my family at home (one example), and through my work in schools, most recently a progressive middle school program. For now, this page also links to a couple of past projects, as well as media that I have created and collected using popular social software tools.

Big Chair was inspired by the cardboard furniture of Frank Gehry and built with the help of my summer architecture class in July 2000. The goal was to emphasize the strength of the material by constructing a lightweight piece of "playful" and durable furniture for the classroom that could support enormous weight. Four months after completion it went through its only modification. Since then it gracefully withstood four years of abuse in my fifth grade classroom and another three at the hands and feet of my children and their friends after migrating to my home. In June of 2007 it was left on the street with a "free" sign and is now with a new unknown owner.

Nervio is an attempt to define a word with the aid of photos. It's a word you might be looking for.